All nutritional supplements are not created equal! Quality supplements provide better results. You may be asking yourself why. There are several reasons. First, there is the quality of the raw ingredient in the product. Second, results can be dependent on the selection of the ingredient(s) in the product. For example, some forms of magnesium are not well absorbed out of the gastrointestinal tract so if I want to get your magnesium level up in your muscles then you need to choose the correct type of magnesium to do that.

At Central Compounding Center, we carry a full line of high quality, professional grade nutritional supplements that our staff trusts and has experience with. Our supplements come from a variety of reputable companies that meet our standards. Our pharmacists’ are here to share their knowledge of how proper supplementation and life style changes can improve your health.

Dr. Jennifer Burch is able to take a look at your health conditions and medications and recommend a plan that fits your needs. We provide nutritional consults to assess your symptoms, drug-nutrient depletions caused by prescription medications, and potential interactions between supplements and prescription medications.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, please call us.